4 senior chihuahuas adopt tiny kitten and form lovely, unlikely family

When a woman in Los Angeles recently rescued a tiny kitten and brought her home, she wasn’t sure how her four elderly chihuahuas would react. Because who would expect four old dogs to get along with an energetic kitten?

But as you’ll see, the senior dogs couldn’t be more happy about the newest member of their family…

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Julie Docherty / Instagram

Meet MoMo, Choli, Paloma and Benito, four senior chihuahuas who were all adopted in their old age by Julie Docherty of Los Angeles, California. The dogs may lack teeth, but they don’t let that stop them from enjoying their golden years. They spend their days eating, napping, sunbathing and generally having the time of their lives.

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Julie Docherty / Instagram

But these senior pups got a youthful spark of energy in their lives recently when their owner brought home a tiny kitten. Julie was in downtown Los Angeles volunteering with homeless people, when she saw an woman carrying an obviously unhappy kitten.

The woman said that she saved the cat from being tossed around by some people, and she asked if anyone could take the cat. Julie didn’t have a long-term solution in place at the time, but knew she had to save the kitten.

She took the kitten to the vet and was surprised to found out that she was only two-and-a-half weeks old. The kitten, whom Julie named Rosita, would require round the clock care, and Julie would need to bottle feed her every few hours if the kitten had any chance of surviving.

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Julie Docherty / Instagram

As the mom to four senior chihuahuas, Julie thought she’d only be able to care for Rosita until she could find her a forever home. But after a meet and greet, Rosita and the dogs quickly warmed up to each other.

“The pups were very inquisitive with her for about five minutes and then totally unfazed,” Julie told The Dodo.

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Julie Docherty / Instagram

Rosita’s energy might have surprised the dogs at first, but after running around for a little while, Rosita is ready to join the dogs in their favorite activity.

“Her energy level goes from off the charts and then immediately to a nap time, which is much more accepted by the crew,” Julie said.

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Julie Docherty / Instagram

The elderly pups enjoy sharing meal times with the newest member of their family…

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Julie Docherty / Instagram

And they don’t mind hanging out with her, either.

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Julie Docherty / Instagram

Even though it’s only been a few weeks, Rosita fits is so much with the chihuahuas, you can hardly tell them apart!

I hope Rosita and the gang have many years of good times together in the future. Please share this story with all of your friends who love animals so they can meet these sweet friends, too!

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