7-yr-old opens the door with a strange baby in her arms – the reason why shocks everyone

Amber and Justin Van Slyke have been married for nine years and have always wanted a big family.

The couple has two children, but the birth of their second child was hard on Amber, so her doctors recommended that she not become pregnant again.

It was tough on the family, and after spending many night thinking about how to go forward, Amber and Justin decided to adopt.

The adoption process went faster than they could have imagined. In January 2017, the couple received a call from the adoption agency telling them that they’d been approved to adopt.

The only hitch? The adoption would happen at once! A few days after baby Joel was born, his parents had come to the conclusion that they couldn’t take care of him.

Amber and Justin were overjoyed to welcome another child into their home. But everything happened so quickly that they didn’t have time to tell their relatives that they were adopting.

Instead, they invited their families to their house—without telling them why. The baby’s aunts, uncles, and grandparents were stunned when they arrived and opened the door. Amber and Justin’s 7-year-old daughter answered it, but with a strange baby in her arms.

Check out the family’s reaction when the find out the truth about the new baby in their lives!

It’s wonderful that baby Joel was able to get a new home so quickly. We wish the whole family good luck. Share this video if you do, too!

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