When I hear Freddie Mercury singing this classic in a capella, I get goose bumps everywhere

Ever-popular band Queen with amazing lead singer Freddie Mercury have given me many hours of amazing listening experience. Despite this, I was yet to discover the magical clip below, which recently went viral on YouTube. Here's something you must really both see and hear. Just fantastic.

Freddie Mercury was born September 5, 1946 in Zanzibar, East Africa.

His life unfortunately ended much too early at age 45, when he died November 24, 1991. Prior to his death, however, Mercury managed to leave an importan mark on earth as one of the most talented singers that ever lived. I certainly believe this to be true.

There are many great videos depicting Freddie Mercury and his band Queen as they rock studios and stages, and you may have already seen some. But here’s one that just recently emerged – and is really quite stunning.

Have a listen, it’s truly magical.

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