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Newsner is one of the world’s largest viral websites, reaching over 15 million visitors a week across its various languages.

We present news for the modern era, featuring stories that audiences everywhere love to read and share on social media. Our content consists of positive, uplifting and inspiring stories, putting all advertisement featured on our page in that same positive context and environment.

We publish interesting, meaningful and engaging content that spreads widely through our networks and social media. Our goal is to offer inspiring content that incites readers to share with their family and friends — leading to viral content.

If you want your product or service to be seen on one of the world’s largest viral sites, we have different options for you. Feel free to contact us for a quote on any of our advertising solutions below.

Newsner is owned and published by n365 Group, one of Europe’s largest independent content agencies, specialized in Native Advertising that maximizes ROI. Visit us at

How can you build your Brand on viral sites?

Our experience have shown that successful campaigns connect the Brand with the Customer through emotions. Through entertaining and informative content, the Reader is able to identify themselves with your Brand.

  • Our experienced Creative Team work together with you and creates a tailor made content that inspires to social interactions by the consumer.
  • What story would you and your Brand want to tell?
  • We produce custom articles, lists, quiz and much more.
  • The content we create is entertaining and informative at the same time, and speaks to the readers emotions.
  • All our content is designed for interactions and shareabitlity on social media.
  • Full report on visitors/readers and all aspects of social media interactions throughout the campaign.

More and more Brands see the power in creating videos specially designed for social media. With the power in Newsner’s vast social network, we are in the position to serve your material to local audience, but also world wide. Always with a content designed for likeability and shareability.

  • We can take lead on all video production, but we can also assist with our knowledge in designing the videos to optimise them for social media environment.
  • We guarantee traffic and viewers.
  • All content is custom designed for social media with high interaction and shareability.
  • Full report on viewers and all aspects of social media interactions throughout the campaign.

Newsner is one of the worlds largest social media sites.

We have an even age-distribution ranging from 18 – 54 years old, with 70% women, and 30% men.

Feel free to contact our Ad Operations for pricing, and opportunities.