17 perfectly timed photos that will make you look twice

One of the most important aspects of photography has to be timing.

But despite lots of preparation and a careful eye, sometimes the most stunning images are completely random and totally unplanned.

Check out the photos below and you’ll understand what I mean!

1. Dog in a bubble

© Fizzgig11

2. Ship floating above San Francisco

© Imgur

3. Flying mouse

© Imgur

4. Moon in Dubai

© Imgur

5. Perfect timing

© DanRobson1

6. Can you see the girl in the fire?

© Jiryn

7. Beautiful sail

© Reddit

8. “One ear up”

© Reddit

9. Sunbird

© Imgur

10. The world’s longest arm?

© Imgur

11. See-through cat

© Reddit

12. Roller coaster to outer space

© Reddit

13. Good catch!

Bohemian-Waxwing (Silkitoppa)-3-E

14. The guy who can ;walk on his hands on water

© Imgur

15. What a picture!

© Imgur

16. I have to keep telling myself: they’re just baby feet…

© Reddit

17. Haha 🙂

© Imgur

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