2 strangers use a golf club to smash car window and rescue 2 panting dogs

It’s a story too often told… Someone brings their dogs along for the ride while they go shopping or run errands. They tell themselves that they won’t be inside too long and that it’s not that hot out. But when they return to their car, it’s sizzling and the unthinkable has happened.

But fortunately, there are also people out there who respect dogs and look out for them. And two guys from Michigan are among those heroes. The men noticed a pair of pups boiling inside of a locked car in the parking lot of a suburban shopping mall. And they weren’t about to let them die.

One of the men grabbed a golf club and was able to break the window and get the dogs out of the sweltering car. And when you see the pups pant and lap up the water the guys give them, you’ll see how dangerous a situation the dogs were in.

When the owner returned, she was arrested and her dogs were put up for adoption. And thankfully, the dogs were taken in by a lovely family with four children who are happy to take care of them.

Watch a video report of the story below:

I’m so glad these lovely pups survived thanks to these two guys! Dogs should never be left alone in cars. Please share this article as a reminder!

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