26 baby elephants that will instantly make you smile

Is there anything more adorable than baby elephants? Ok. Fine maybe your own baby. But — baby elephants are definitely second in line!

Don’t believe me? Check out these photos below. If they don’t get you saying awww I am not sure what can.

1. I can’t see, help me up!

Gary Brookshaw

2. Shall we play? I think I’m faster!

Timo Motte

3. With this haircut, I look like a professional soccer player!

Supat Sutti

4. Hey little ants, let’s play a game!

bob de villiers

5. Nothing beats a head massage from mom!

sanjeev mishra

6. Best friends forever!


7. Mine! Mine! Mine!

Pankil Desa

8. How’s my pose?

Barbara Arstall

9. Picture perfect!

Diana Robinson

10. Me too! Me too!


11. Oh, my birthday? Oh well, squashing carton is more fun!

Reid Park Zoo

12. I know if I really try I can fit!

Sangdeaun Lek Chailert

13. Am I cute?

Joe Klamar

14. I’m gonna make it over this log, I’m gonna make it over this log… Help?

15. Beach time!


16. I have a feeling I look adorable in this picture!

Roger N. Clark

17. Nap time!

18. Who likes my haircut?

19. No! Let’s play some more!

20. Before and after.


21. I can see now!

Robbie Prehn

22. Dust shower!

Rupankar Mahanta

23. Slow down, I’m coming!

Björn Alicke

24. Does it get any cuter than this?

Karen R. Schuenemann

25. I love you, mommy!

Laurie Rubin

26. Pure love.

Shah Rogers

Aren’t baby elephants just so precious? Which photo was your favorite? Pass these adorable photos along to brighten someone else’s day, too!