5 Brilliant Tricks To Get Rid Of Your Pet’s Hair And Keep Your Home Spotless.

5 Brilliant Tricks To Get Rid Of Your Pet’s Hair And Keep Your Home Spotless.

If you have a pet at home, especially one with longer hair, you know what a headache their hair can become. Personally, I have British Shorthair, so I suffer from hair everywhere a bit less than many other pet owners. My sister however, has a beautiful half Persian cat, so she is well acquainted with the predicament of long hair. But what can I say? We love our hairy pets, and it would take a lot more than some hair to change our affection for our little fur balls (or bigger fur balls, depending on the size of your animal.) With potential allergies however, and just the general annoyance of having hair everywhere, here are some awesome and easy tips you can try out for yourself to get rid of all that unwanted hair.

Here are my top five tips to get rid of both cat and dog hair.

1. Baking soda before vacuuming


Sprinkle an even layer of baking soda on your carpet before vacuuming and let sit 20 minutes. It will help loosen animal hair, not to mention help get rid of unpleasant odors.

2. Use rubber gloves


The absolute best tip I have to remove pet hair from confined spaces is to strap on rubber gloves, then pull with your fingers along the edges and other hard to reach areas.

3. Squeegee = genius

chair brush

Awesome tip to clean your couch. Use a squeegee- it actually works great. It’s also cheaper and more environmentally friendly than buying clothes rolls.

4. Use the dryer

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Tumble drying your clothes that are full of hair before washing will remove as much hair as possible. Run the dryer for 10 minutes (no need to use heat). Do not forget to clean the filter and be sure to only use your own dryer at home if you’re going to try this as allergy sufferers sharing a machine you use in public may be affected with any leftover particles of hair in the machine.

5. Use a foam washcloth

Tipstack: aehandmade.com/

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Smart tip if you need to clean fleeces. Throw in two foam wash cloths in your machine when you wash (you can find these at pharmacies). The foam will absorb the hair. You can also tumble dry the clothes for 10-20 minutes afterwards, preferably with a new foam washcloth.

Take a look at more smart tips in the video below:

Some pet owners may already be using one or more of these tricks, others may have never heard of any – make sure you share this with everyone and hopefully you’ll reach someone that can indeed learn something new 🙂 strong>

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