5 Kittens Cuddle A Mini-Horse And It’s Super Cute. Now Watch Who’s There Behind Them.

An elephant with a dog for a best friend, a moose whose soulmate is a cow, a dog whose best pal happens to be a duck… Animals are capable of forming the most amazing friendships. And the mini-horse in the video below is no exception. The adorable animal is blessed with not one, but five tiny kitten friends. When this adorable clip opens, the five kittens are cuddling and climbing all over their mini-horse buddy, who seems content with all of the attention. But when the camera pans out, somebody else catches our attention, and at first, I couldn’t help but think, “What’s that?” But if you know your cute animals, you’ll recognize it as a capybara, a close cousin of the guinea pig. I was surprised to find out this gentle creature is the world’s largest rodent species and can grow to be more than four feet in length. But what’s more surprising is seeing it watch its friends have all the fun. Check out the adorable video and stick around to the end to see one more surprising animal buddy!

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