6 cats with fur so beautiful you can hardly believe they’re real

All cats are beautiful. But some stand out a bit. The wonderful cats below have all got such beautiful, unique coats that it’s hard to believe they’re real.

But the pictures aren’t actually photoshopped – they’re all-natural beauties.

Which one is your favorite? Check out all the pictures below.

Thor the Bengal

© Instagram/bengalthor

Thor has made a sensation online with his magical fur and beautiful green eyes. He lives in Belgium with his owners but has been written up in the media around the world.

164,000 people follow him on Instagram, and you can even buy Thor T-shirts.

Venus the two-faced cat

© Instagram/venustwofacecat


Venus has become a super celebrity online because of her unique appearance. Her face is divided into two different colors: one side is black and the other is orange-yellow. And Venus also has unique eyes. One eye is bright green, while the other one is blue.

Her pictures have been widely shared online and she also has her own accounts on Instagram and Facebook with hundreds of thousands of followers.

The cat with a cat on its back

This cat has a very unusual coat. If you look quickly, it just looks like a plain white cat with a dark spot on its back. But look closer and you see that this cat actually has another cat on its back.

The beautiful Maine Coon

© Instagram/robert_sijka

The Maine Coons is a majestic cat breed from America. It’s the largest breed of domestic cat – and it has a truly majestic look.

All these cats are beautiful, but this one is so gorgeous, I can’t take my eyes off of it. What a beautiful creature!


© Facebook/Seniorscrappy

Scrappy has a beautiful black and white coat, but he hasn’t always looked that way. When Scrappy was born back in 1997, he was a regular black cat.

But a few years ago, his fur began to change. According to his owners, Scrappy has vitiligo, which causes the pigment cells in his skin stop working. As a result, Scrappy has a very special coat.

The cat with a heart on its tummy

Isn’t it amazing that some cat can have such wonderful markings? This little kitten has a heart on its tummy, and it’s hard not to smile when you see it. What a little sweetie!

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