9 things your dog is trying to tell you, but you’re probably not getting the message

If you have a dog or have ever owned a dog, then you know how loyal a friend they can be. They never leave your side, they’re a shoulder to cry on, and they seem to instinctively understand whatever mood you’re in.

But have you ever wondered about all of the things your best friend might have to say to you? Well, it turns out that our communicative friends have been talking to you all along. Scroll down to discover nine hidden messages your dog tries to tell to you every day.

1. What it means when your dog brings you gifts:

dog toy
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Has your dog ever dropped a random object at your feet or in your lap for no apparent reason? Well, your dog is showing off his or her fetching skills. And chances are, he or she is also giving you a hint about the things that he likes.

2. What it means when your dog yawns:

dog yawning
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Dogs are more like humans that we admit. And this is certainly true in this case. When your dog yawns, he or she is probably tired or bored. Or your dog may have even seen you yawn. Yawns are contagious, after all!

3. What it means when your dog trashes your sofa:

dog couch
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Ever come home to a trashed couch, a toppled garbage can, or another big mess? Well, it’s just because your dog loves you. When you’re away, separation anxiety kicks in. And if you’re gone too long, your dog can’t stand it and acts out. Don’t leave your dog home alone too long and be sure to take them for a walk so they doesn’t have too much pent up energy while you’re out.

4. What it means when your dog takes over the bed:

dog bed
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Why does your dog seem to take up half of the bed, while you’re resigned to sleeping on the edge? Because dogs are pack animals and they want to be with other members of their pack—and especially you, the pack leader!

5. What it means when your dog hunches over:

dog hunch

When your dog hunches over, they’re making themselves invisible. It’s a survival instinct found in all animals, but especially in animals that have been abused. Be extra loving when your dog is feeling vulnerable!

6. What it means when your dog stares at you:

puppy stare
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Your pup stares at you for the same reason that teenagers look anywhere except at their crushes—because they love you. Your pup trusts and admires you for all of the love and care you give them.

7. What it means when your dog sits on your feet:

dog on feet
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There are two possible reasons for this endearing behavior. For alpha dogs, they are marking their territory and claiming you as a member of their pack. And for more beta dogs, they are reassuring themselves that you are ther for them and will take of them.

8. What it means when your dog puts her paws in the air:

paws in the air
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This is a sign that your dog is concentrating. She’s had a brilliant thought and is plotting her next adventure.

9. What it means when your dog leans up against your leg:

dog lean

This means that your dog needs reassurance. She wants you to tell her that you love her and she’s asking you to let her know that everything is going to be okay.

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