A Goose Walks Up To Him And Tries To Say Something. When He Understands What, Something Incredible Happens.

While out on the road near Shiningbank Lake in Alberta, Canada, a Canadian man was joined by a most unexpected and unusual companion — a lost goose that needed his help finding its way back to the lake.

When Andre Bachman sees the lost goose along the road, he first stops to see if it’s hurt. The goose appears to be fine. Andre has a friendly ‘chat’ with the adorable creature, noting that it should be at the lake instead of on the road. Amazingly, it appears that the bird understands him perfectly – and it stands by Andre, refused to leave his side, as if asking for help.


Andre decides that he will try to lead the goose to the nearest lake. It lay about 10 km away so he would be forced to drive there. Amazingly, the goose follows him, flying just a few feet from his car. The truly unbelievable video depicting this unique experience has now been shared by over a million people!


When they arrive by the waterfront, the charming goose immediately jumps in, appearing at last satisfied. Andre’s job is done, and he could now proceed with his journey knowing he had helped a wild animal in a most incredible way!


When I saw this, I was seriously amazed. You’ll be stunned when you observe the goose’s apparent intelligence! Watch the incredible video for yourself.

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