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A Huge Wolf Hybrid And A Little German Shepherd Puppy Battle To See Who Is Sweeter.

Many people assume that wolves are evil creatures. But I like to think they are simply following their survival instincts and that there are no truly “bad” animals. What do you think? Are are wolves ferocious? Are they ruthless predators? Well, has it ever occurred to you that they can also be cute and cuddly? No matter how aggressive an animal may seem, every animal’s tender side comes out when it’s taking care of its little ones—even if those little ones aren’t of the same species. Smokey, a 3/4 wolf-1/4 malamute mix, defies the stereotypes about wolves when he starts playing with Charlie, a German Shepherd puppy. With the dogs’ owners watching over them, Smokey’s paternal instincts kick in and the wolf engages Charlie in some of the most adorable play fighting you’re likely to see. With Smokey as his coach, Charlie is sure to develop his strength and confidence and grow up to become big and strong. And you’re sure to smile as you watch Charlie confidently go paw to paw with Smokey in this battle of which dog is the sweetest. Watch the adorable video below!

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