Abandoned pit bull rescues homeless kitten from certain death

When animal rescuers found a female pit bull abandoned by the side of the road in Dallas, Texas, they saw her hanging mammary glands and expected to find puppies, too. But the only little one they found by the pit bull’s side was a newborn kitten.

The pit bull first attracted the attention of Dallas DogRRR, a volunteer group that supports abandoned dogs in Dallas, Texas. And when the volunteers found her, they were shocked to see her nursing not one of her own babies, but a kitten dog who couldn’t have been more than 10 days old.

With no baby pit bulls or a mother cat in sight, volunteers brought the unlikely pair to Mercy Animal Clinic in Garland, Texas.

They named the pit bull Pittie and the kitten Kitty.

Kitty wouldn’t have survived longer than 24 hours on her own if it weren’t for Pittie. And Pittie was running out of milk to offer Kitty, so vets starting feeding her with a bottle.

Kitty needed to be fed around the clock, so a vet took her home in the evening.

But Pittie wasn’t happy about that. She wanted to share a cage with her little friend. And when they were separated, she howled loudly. It was the first time Pittie made a sound.

The next day, Kitty and Pittie were reunited and Pittie was so overjoyed that she couldn’t stop washing her little baby.

The pair are inseparable and the vets have promised that whoever adopts them will take them both.

Watch a video of Pittie and Kitty here:

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