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After Couple Adopted Wilbur, They Discovered Something Different About Him. This Is So Cute!

Cats are amazing animals, and what makes them so wonderful is that each and every cat has its own personality and style—those little quirks and delightful features.

Take Wilbur, for example. When couple Sarah and Grant adopted him from an animal shelter, they didn’t know Wilbur had a secret idiosyncrasy that would brighten their lives. And in the beginning, Wilbur kept it to himself and was quite careful in his new environment. But it wasn’t long before Wilbur settled and relaxed enough to show off his peculiarity and melt his owners’ hearts.

When Wilbur is in a certain mood, he sits in a very special way. He squats like a human—with his knees bent in front of him — instead of tucking them in like so many other cats. And while he’s squatting, he looks curiously around, baffled by what his owners are so amused about.

Since discovering Wilbur’s special sitting style, Sarah and Grant have posted photos of their wonderful cat online to great success. But that’s not surprising considering what a cutie he is!


Image Source: Imgur

“What? What are you looking at?”


Image Source: Imgur

But that’s not all… He’s just as cute when he’s sleeping.


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