Airlines Break Their Own Rules To Let Fort McMurray Evacuees Fly With Their Pets.

Normally, flying with animals is an expensive endeavor. You need to buy your pet an expensive ticket and supply an even more expensive pet carrier. But these aren’t normal times in Fort McMurray, Canada. Massive wildfires have burned an area larger than the entire city Chicago and more than 88,000 people have been evacuated. And of course, where there are people, there are pets. Leaving behind the furry members of the family would’ve been unthinkable, and fortunately, two Canadian airlines—WestJet and Canadian North—broke their own rules regarding animals on flights leaving Fort Mac. Pets flew free and were allowed to stay in the cabin instead of in pet carriers. The flights were full of cats, dogs, and other beloved pets and as soon as the flights landed, passengers and flight attendants started posting pictures to social media. The pictures are a beautiful sight and it warmed my heart to know that all of these animals made it to safety. Scroll down to see the best photos from from those flights on Instagram and Twitter!

And we are evacuated….again!! #yyc bound!!! #madeitout #enroutetosafety #ymmevacuees #ymmfire #labsofinstagram #rescuedogs

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