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An Unexpected Friendship Between A Dog And Cat Is Charming The Whole World.

Cats and dogs—their personalities couldn’t be more different. So it’s no wonder why they usually only seem to tolerate each other at best. But there are a few cases of cats and dogs who get along fabulously. Take Raven and Woodhouse for example… Not long after one lucky family adopted a dog named Raven, they decided to adopt another animal. And when it came time to go to a local shelter and find their new family member, the family took Raven and let her choose her new companion. The result surprised everyone—and it just goes to show you that perhaps opposites do attract!

#throwbackthursday to when Raven was 12 weeks old and Woodhouse was 10 weeks old #ravenandwoodhouse #kittens #puppies #tamaskan

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Raven’s owners decided to let Raven choose her new companion. And it was a total surprise that she chose to take cat Woodhouse home. But the dog turned out to have perfect judgement. Raven and Woodhouse immediately clicked and became instant best friends.

The pair have become more or less inseparable. Just look how sweet they are taking a nap together.

Sound asleep #ravenandwoodhouse #dogsandcats #catsanddogs #cats #dogs #bestbuddies #catsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #tamaskan

A photo posted by Raven and Woodhouse (@raven_and_woodhouse) on

Recently Raven turned one year old. And, of course, she celebrated by sharing herbirthday cake with her best friend.

It’s Raven’s 1st birthday! I made her a Peanut Butter and Hot Dog cake! #ravenandwoodhouse #birthdaygirl #1stbirthday #ravenbday

A photo posted by Raven and Woodhouse (@raven_and_woodhouse) on

Raven and Woodhouse now have their own Instagram and their pictures are getting love around the world. Aren’t they just as sweet as can be?

Raven has her own personal cat “sushi bar” lol #ravenandwoodhouse

A photo posted by Raven and Woodhouse (@raven_and_woodhouse) on

I think everyone needs to see Woodhouse and Raven’s lovely friendship. Please help share!

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