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Animal lover rescues a dog named Bagel and his friends from misery

Dogs sure are amazing. They show so much love for us humans—and they also show love for their non-human friends.

This story really grabs hold of my heart. Although it begins in a way that hits me really hard—fortunately, the sun shines again after the rain!

After years of living a tough life locked up in the yard, 13-year-old dog Bagel escaped and looked for help.

Luckily, animal lover Debbie Davidson found Bagel on a sidewalk. The dog was missing fur in several places and his skin had hardened.

Debbie guessed the dog lived on the street because of the way he looked. But then, an elderly woman shouted for Bagel and called him back to her house. And at that point, Debbie realized that Bagel was on his way to find help for himself and his friends.

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Fortunately, Debbie found Bagel when she did. And when she saw Bagel’s difficult living conditions, she was appalled.

“It was disgusting, poop everywhere. Their food and water bowls were filthy, the water was dirty. It was just horrible, and the poor pups smelled awful,” Debbie told The Dodo.

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Debbie also saw another dog there. The female German shepherd was also in bad shape. Her nails had grown so long that she had difficulty walking.

Amid all the misery, Debbie also saw a poor 5-year-old cat that could only move by dragging his back legs behind him.

Debbie insisted that the woman let her bring the animals with her so they could receive help and a new home. And she succeeded.

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After putting out an appeal on Facebook, Debbie received a quick response from an organization that helps animals.

When the animals arrived at the hospital, Debbie learned that they were in worse condition than she had thought. Bagel and his German shepherd friend suffered from severe infections, including an ear infections. Bagel’s ear infection was so bad that it left him deaf.

Image Source: Facebook

But once they were rescued, Bagel and his friends received plenty of help. Bagel’s coat has begun to grow again and he feels better than ever. Now, the organization hopes that someone will adopt the three friends so they can finally get the home that they deserve!

Please share this beautiful story—maybe one of your friends will be inspired to help the next time they see an animal in need!

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