Animal lover saves owl from side of road – then it refuses to leave his side

Coming into contact with wild animals is risky, and it’s always best to let people who know what they’re doing take care of any injured animals you come across.

But sometimes, your heart takes over and you can’t help but offer a hand.

Joel Todd and his wife, Monica, were driving down the highway, when they suddenly saw an owl on the side of the road.

Joel nudged the bird away from the road, but then it did something that no one could believe.

It was an ordinary day when Joel and Monica Todd were driving down a highway in Alabama.

Suddenly, they noticed an owl on the side of the road that was coming dangerously close to traffic. So Joel decided to stop the car.

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Joel approached the owl and tried to nudge it to safer ground. But the owl seemed to have other plans.

Instead of moving away, it grabbed hold of Joel’s pants and started climbing up his leg and then his arm. Joel was a little nervous when the owl started climbing, but he then he realized that the owl just wanted to go with him and Monica.

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Joel easily could have gotten back into his car with the owl still on his arm.

But he and his wife called eemergency services instead.

When a park ranger arrived, she found it hard to believe that the owl had actually climbed up Joel’s leg and was sitting on his arm. This was not, in her experience, typical owl behavior.

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After a quick examination of the owl, the park ranger determined that the owl had partial blindness or had some type of brain injury. As she moved her fingers back and forth in front of the owl’s eyes, it didn’t react.

The park ranger took the owl back to her station, where it will be nurses back to health. She hopes to be able to release it into the wild again as soon as possible.

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I don’t want to think about what would have happened to the little owl if Joel and Monica hadn’t stopped their car. Hopefully, the owl will return to the wild stronger than ever. But it’s clear that Joel got a new little friend that day by the highway.

“It was the right thing to do. It broke my heart,” Joel told WHNT News.

Watch this clip to hear Joel and Monica talk about the encounter with the friendly owl. What a great effort!

These two are real heroes, and I hope that their good deed inspires others to look out for injured animals, too.

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