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Arturo, World’s Saddest Polar Bear, Has Passed Away After 22 Years In Captivity.

A polar bear’s natural habitat is an Arctic environment where the temperature is cold and there’s water nearby. However, a polar bear named Arturo was forced to spend most of his life somewhere just the opposite. Arturo lived most of his life in captivity at a zoo in the hot climate of Argentina, a situation that angered people around the globe. Now, Arturo has left this world.

Known as one of the saddest animals in the world, Arturo showed several clear signs of stress, and animal rights activists say that the inhumane conditions Arturo lived in caused him to go insane.

Arturo’s appalling living conditions and the fact that he was forced to endure summer temperatures as high as 105 F (40 C) upset people around the world. Hundreds of thousands signed petitions demanding he be freed from the concrete pit in Argentina where he lived. Activists wanted Arturo moved to a zoo in Canada, where the climate and temperatures are far more pleasant for a polar bear.

“Every part of a polar bear’s body is designed for snow, for ice, for predatory habits and roaming huge distances. For 30 years, Arturo was deprived of it,” said Barry MacKay, one of the people who tried to relocate Arturo, told The Dodo.

But the Argentinian zoo refused to let go of its polar bear. And tragically, it’s too late now. Arturo has passed away.

“It is with the heaviest of hearts to inform you that Dear Arturo gave up his fight to live, and passed away today. Arturo I wish you had known of the so many people worldwide who loved you, who fought for you, who tried so hard to bring your plight more awareness,” the Facebook page “Free Arturo” announced on Sunday.

It added: “You are free now, Arturo.”

Rest in peace, Arturo. We hope that your passing wasn’t in vain and we hope your life can be a lesson to zookeepers everywhere so that animals are no longer kept in such inappropriate conditions.

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