Baby elephant can’t get out of watering hole – amazing footage captures family rushing to help

Elephants have long been heralded as compassionate, intelligent animals. Now, yet another video has gone viral showcasing exactly why.

Stunning footage captured in the wild shows the importance of family in an elephant herd, with a baby requiring a rescue after falling behind.

It’s probably easy for fully grown elephants to forget – no pun intended – that ledges are a problem for those smaller than them. After all, when you’re 12 feet tall, reaching things isn’t usually an issue.

For a baby elephant, however, living life with giant family members can bring about certain… conundrums…

When one elephant family were forced to come to a halt after a baby got stuck, unable to climb to higher ground, it required attention.

The little one was able to stretch its front legs onto the upper ledge from within a watering hole, but its hind legs simply weren’t long enough to complete the transition.


Almost immediately, the baby’s young efforts are noticed by the adults, who turn around and come back to help.

Mom uses her trunk to try and get the little one up, but the situation requires more than just a simple nudge alone.

So, with the old ‘three trunks are better than one’ adage proving true (yes, that’s definitely a real thing), two other adults enter the picture and use their combined power to lift the baby up and onto the muddy bank.

Watch the incredible footage in the video below:

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