Baby starts crying hysterically in bed – now watch the cat’s quick reaction

A lot of people claim that dogs are man’s best friend. After all, they’re known for being faithful, trustworthy, and loving.

Cats, on the other hand, often have the reputation of being a little selfish and unfriendly. But I don’t know if I’d agree. I’ve met a lot of cats that are actually extremely loving and sociable.

So when I saw this clip, I just had to smile. It definitely gives a boost to my ideas about cats and I just had to show the video to all my friends who are a bit skeptical of these lovely animals.

The video opens with a baby lying on a crib. Suddenly, the little cutie bursts into tears and starts crying.

On the floor below, the baby’s big sister is cuddling the family cat. But when it realizes that the baby is upset, the cat jumps out of the older girl’s arms and jumps up onto the bed.

The cat then sidles up next to the baby and offers some much needed comfort and warmth. And it totally works! The infant seems to appreciate the cat’s love and almost immediately settles down.

Check out the heart-melting moment here:

This really proves that cats are caring animals! Please consider sharing this sweet video with your cat-loving friends.

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