Best friends go for a drive – watch extra carefully when the dog turns to the left

Meet best friends Oliver and his dog, Daisy. In this video, they’re out for a drive in their little car. And you’d probably assume that Oliver is the one driving, but take a closer look…

In fact, Oliver is letting his friend take the wheel this time.

Check out the video below and see for yourself how their little cruise around the driveway goes.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether Daisy is really driving. It sure look like it. But could someone off-screen be controlling the car with a remote?

Here’s what the boy’s mother writes in a comment below the video:

“Yes the car is a remote control car. The driver can override the remote by turning the wheel themselves. Daisy loves to stand on the car and move the wheel herself, if you notice she mostly pushes to the left so the car drives to the left most of the time. So I sometimes will help move the wheel to the right in order to let her move it again to the left herself… And to help them avoid from hitting anything if it is needed.”

No matter what, I think the clip is adorable!

Either way, you have to love this video! Share if it made you smile!

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