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Bird Was Abandoned Because He Looked Different. Then A Woman Opened Her Heart And Home To Him.

When we think of prejudice, we normally think of discriminating against our fellow humans. And while this is certainly an enormous issue, another often overlooked form of discrimination is the way we treat animals based on their looks.

Pets are abandoned or even attacked just because they look a little different than what’s considered “normal.” For example, puppies are sometimes left by the side of the road because they don’t have all of the marks that a breed requires—even though they’re as healthy and happy as any other puppies.

You have to ask if these creatures really deserve to die just because they don’t look “normal.”

It’s a fate that parakeet Whipper was fortunate enough to escape. He’s a healthy, happy bird—but he was born with a genetic mutation that makes his beautiful feathers thin and brittle. But luckily, Julie Hayward, from Winton, New Zealand, saw past his unique look and took him under her wing.

Scroll down and check out this unique and happy bird that is at least as worthy as “normal” parakeets!

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