Bragged On Facebook About Shooting A Dog. Now The Hunter’s Facing Animal Cruelty Charges.

Some people must be completely stripped of empathy and understanding. A dog “bothered” this man when he was out hunting- so he shot it as a punishment. But luckily, the story doesn’t end there. After killing the dog, he took a picture of the body and posted it on Facebook, bragging about how he killed the dog. “That’s what a 7 mag will do to you when you constantly keep spoiling my hunting” he wrote next to the picture of the poor dog. Please be warned, this story includes graphic photos.

After killing the dog, the 34-year-old man continued his hunting trip without any remorse for what he had done. However, justice is being served, with the man being charged with counts of animal cruelty, and hunting without a license from Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

The picture of him went viral and animal lovers worldwide were outraged and demanded that authorities punish the heartless man.

Now the man faces a serious lawsuit and bail set at $10,000.

I hope he will will face both prison and a fine for what he’s done.

No one should treat a dog like this.
Rest in peace little friend.

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