Bride leaves the altar during the ceremony – but look carefully at her hands

Brittany Wine Garner lives in a small town in Georgia. In many ways, she’s like any other American, but she also has a passion for sign language—because her husband, Evan, is deaf.

So when it came time to plan the couple’s wedding, Brittany wanted to surprise her groom with an unexpected twist on an otherwise traditional wedding.

Shortly after Brittany and Evan got engaged, Brittany contacted sign language expert Nathan Roberts. She wanted help learning how to “sing” a song that meant a lot to her and Evan.

She planned everything down to the last detail, but pretended that it was just a regular wedding music performance.

Evan had no idea what his wife had been up to. He knew that there’d be singing and dancing, but not that Brittany had prepared something special.

Brittany spent several hours a day during the week leading up to their wedding learning the song.

And the look on Evan’s face when his wife leaves him stranded at the altar is priceless. What a wonderful surprise!

Talk about a nice gesture by Brittany! Evan has tears in his eyes, and he isn’t alone…

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