Camera Captures Horses Being Rescued From Forest Fire.

Most of us learn at an early age that fire is not something to play with.

Unfortunately, not all have full respect for the power of fire, and this is certainly apparent when forest fires are carelessly started. Forest fires can cause extreme damage, ravaging large areas in a short period of time.

Recently, a massive wildfire swept through Lake Isabella in California. Because of strong winds, the fire was very quickly out of control, and both animals and residents living in the surrounding area were drastically affected.

Around 200 homes were damaged and large areas were devastated. But thanks to a group of caring people, there were at least 2 creatures that escaped unscathed: two beautiful horses. 

While driving on the road, several residents saw two panicked horses galloping on the road. They quickly decided, despite all risk, to stop the car and help get the horses to safety. Reluctant to follow them at first, the horses soon understood that they were trying to help. 

Although humans and animals may not speak the exact same language, I felt the horses managed to thank them in their own way. This video also really proved to me that a little act of kindness can truly go a long way.

Thankfully, there are still kind, brave and amazing people out there!

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