Cat found with a dart stuck in her head gets a dream life with her new owner

It’s said that cats have nine lives. And they do seem to have an uncanny ability to survive—even when they’re subjected to the most terrible abuse.

Miss Kiss was found abandoned. Her previous owner had dumped her on the street without giving a second thought about what would happen to her. But luckily, a nice family found her and brought her to a veterinarian.

No one, however, was prepared for what the vet would find.

It was clear that Miss Kiss had suffered some form of abuse. She had several wounds, and the people who saved her was hoping she’d just need to be cleaned up a bit and given a couple bandages.

But the damage was much worse than they first thought.

A veterinarian at Utah Valley Animal Rescue decided to X-ray Miss Kiss to see if she had any internal damage. And everyone was shocked when they saw her X-rays.

The little cat had a 4-inch (10-cm) blow dart in her brain. Somehow, she survived, but no one knows how long the dart had been lodged there.

While the dart in her head had miraculously spared her life, Miss Kiss must have been in a lot of pain.

The vet decided to operate on her and remove the dart, though no one knew if she’d survive the procedure.

But cats, as we know, have nine lives…

Miss Kiss survived, but an injured nerve in her brain left her blind in one eye. But it doesn’t seem to bother her one bit.

Fittingly, she was adopted by a man named Kevin, who is also blind in one eye. Kevin likes to throw ping balls to Miss Kiss to help her get used to her lack of vision. He even sleeps on the floor with Miss Kiss to make her feel safe in her new home.

Despite all of the terrible things that have happened Miss Kiss, she finally got a loving home. I’m so glad it ended happily!

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