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Cop Rescues Puppy From Bottom Of A Drain And Realizes It Was No Accident The Two Met.

The two police officers were just delivering some legal documents to a home in their Florida community. But on the way back to their patrol car they heard a sound that stopped them in their tracks—and ultimately brought together two friends who otherwise wouldn’t have ever met.  

Officer James Gettings and his partner were dropping off legal documents at a home in Florida last week when they heard an strange sound coming from vacant lot next door.

At first it was faint, but as they traced the whimpering to its source, it became clear that an animal was trapped somewhere. And when the officers finally saw who was doing all that crying, they found a drenched puppy trapped at the bottom of a drainage ditch.

puddle 1
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It didn’t take the officers long to pull the pup up from the drain. But it took more effort to clean him up. In fact they had to give the dog several baths!

Then, after trying without luck to find the dog’s owner, Officer James Gettings had a realization—meeting this puppy was more than chance!

puddle 2
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On the spot, Gettings decided to adopt the puppy, and naturally, he named the little guy Puddle.

puddle 3
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And just like that, Puddle went from the bottom of the drain to top dog at his new forever home.

puddle 4
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Now, Puddle is enjoy life with his new best friend—and he doesn’t have to worry about being alone or trapped again.

puddle 5
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