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Couple sees frozen wolf in river – then makes a phone call that changes everything

Many European countries have been working for a long time to make sure wolves have a bright future. And their work is paying off. The wolf population is spreading across Europe and increasing in number. However, there is still a lot of resistance against wolves, and there is also poaching.

This is probably how a wolf named Navarre ended up paralyzed and emaciated in an icy river in Italy.

Luckily, some passers-by saw the wolf, who was unable to move in the cold water. They called for help and soon rescuers from a non-profit organization called Mount Adonis Rescue Centre for the Conservation and Research of Exotic and Wild Fauna rushed to the site.

When the wolf was pulled out of the river, he was paralyzed and without a heartbeat, but the heroic animal advocates didn’t give up. They performed CPR on him, and what happened next could be described as a miracle.


On a cold January day in 2012, animal rescue organization Mount Adonis Rescue Centre received a call from a couple who found a helpless wolf in a river outside of the Italian city of Bologna. It would later emerge that the wolf, an adult male, had been shot with no less than 35 lead pellets.

Skarmavbild 2016-05-19 kl. 15.56.17

When they arrived at the scene, along with regional police, the rescuers realized that the situation was extremely serious. They acted as fast as they could and waded out into the river to rescue the frozen wolf.

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When they got close, the situation looked hopeless. The wolf was paralyzed, lacking a pulse, and wasn’t breathing.

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After a quick medical examination, the volunteers decided to give the wolf CPR. For a few nervous seconds, nothing happened. But by a miracle, the wolf regained consciousness and started breathing again.

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The wolf, who was soon named Navarre, was transferred to Mount Adonis’ animal hospital to begin his rehabilation. The first few days were critical. Veterinarians had to keep Navarre in intensive care day and night.

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Navarre was extremely dehydrated, had eczema, and was riddled with lead pellets. It took a long time to rehabilitate him, but veterinarians saw that Navarre had the spark of life. He refused to give up.

Skarmavbild 2016-05-19 kl. 16.05.05

After more than two months in the hospital, Navarre finally got some fresh air. He gained 10 pounds (5kg) and managed to recover from the worst of the damage.

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Watch a touching video about Navarre here:

Sadly, Navarre died some months later on June 5, 2012. But we are still grateful that he was able to live out his life in peace.

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