Courageous dog refuses to leave friends’ side after he fell through ice, saves the day by calling for help

We all remember the classic TV show Lassie, about a heroic collie who knew how to alert the authorities when crises occurred, like Timmy getting stuck in a well.

But the show wasn’t very far-fetched: we’ve seen many stories of real-life Lassies who have saved the day by raising the alarm and getting urgent help for friends in need.

Like recently, when a dog named Whimsy helped save the life of his friend Pickles who was trapped in frigid waters.

On Friday morning, Pickles fell through the ice on St. George Lake, in Liberty, Maine, and became trapped in icy cold waters. Another dog who was with him, named Whimsy, did not fall through the ice but refused to leave his friends’ side.

Whimsy repeatedly barked for help, and his cries were heard by Liberty Fire and Rescue, who quickly arrived on the scene and jumped into action.

According to a Facebook post, the fire crew utilized a rescue live sled, provided by their mutual aid town, the Montville Fire Department. Video shows the moment the rescuers return from the lake with Pickles in tow, getting the freezing dog safely back to dry land.

Even after Pickles was saved from the icy water, Whimsy still loyally stuck by his side.

“We warmed him up with hot packs and blankets, and Whimsy still wouldn’t leave him,” Paramedic Corey Bonnevie told FOX 23 Maine. “Whimsy is the real hero of the story. [They] stayed right with [their] friend until he was rescued. I think that’s a pretty noble thing.”

Both dogs were wearing collars, and following the rescue were safely reunited with their families.

Liberty Fire & Rescue thanked their crew on a job well done. “We are so extremely proud of our Department and Montville Fire for the handling of this call,” they wrote on Facebook. “Between using water rescue suits, the water rescue live slide, rope, and knowledge we were able to get Pickles out of the water and our Ambulance Team was able to warm him up and make sure he was okay.”

After the rescue, the department said they would be buying their own rescue sled. Hopefully it will be some time before its needed for a rescue like this.

Thank you to loyal dog Whimsy for calling for help and sticking by Pickles’ side, and thank you to these firefighters for making such a great rescue!

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