Cow collapses in field – when the man understands why, he refuses to leave her side

If you think animals don’t have feelings, you’re wrong.

Animals can love and feel emotions just like you and me.

This was what Benjamin and his wife, Kayla, saw firsthand earlier this year in Texas.

Benjamin and Kayla were visiting with family on Mother’s Day when they noticed a cow acting strangely in a field.

She had been in labor for several days and finally gave birth to a stillborn calf.

Now, she was lying in the field, collapsed from exhaustion and completely heartbroken.

Benjamin couldn’t just stand by and went out to comfort the cow instead.

“She was crushed — just devastated, and she was tired from the labor. She laid down, and Ben laid down and was kind of massaging her and comforting her,” Kayla told Inside Edition.

Benjamin lay down by her side and petted her and stayed with her for a while in the field.

Kayla realized how special the moment was and decided to take a picture.

Later, she posted the photo on Facebook and included a message: “What a great heart this man has. This momma cow lost her baby yesterday and Benjamin laid with her and petted her to try and comfort her. Such a sweet yet heartbreaking picture.”

Her post quickly went viral — and we can see why.

© Kayla Tipp, Facebook

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