Cruel woman filmed hitting and biting her dog on subway – then heroes step in to save it

There are some people on this earth who should simply not be allowed own animals.

2017 witnessed a particularly cruel and shameless act, when a woman was caught on film beating and torturing her dog on the subway, in front of fellow passengers.

The disturbing clip spread around the internet like wildfire. Not such much for the appalling behavior of the ‘owner’, but more the way her fellow passengers reacted …

The footage, which first saw the light of day in August of last year, was captured on a subway in Toronto, Canada.

A blonde woman can be seen repeatedly hitting, pinching and even biting her dog, with the poor pooch clearly distressed. It growls and tries desperately to get away from the torment, but the merciless woman just aggressively yanks on its leash.


This is all done right in front of the eyes of the other subway passengers. One person catches everything with their camera phone, while another soon decides they’ve had enough and confronts the woman about the abuse.

The brave stranger walks up to her and tells her to stop hitting the dog. In response, the woman gets loud, rude and starts cursing at the man, telling him to go away.

However, the hero of the hour refuses to give in. He stands his ground and continues to work towards getting the dog a reprieve.

Eventually, train security are called on board.

“A man walked to the driver’s room,” Roxy Huang, who posted the video, says. “The whole train stopped, and more than 3 TTC [train] staff walked to her and then she got off the train.”


According to the Toronto Sun, the police were then called, but they couldn’t remove the dog from the woman as they did not have enough grounds or proof for the abuse.

The next day however, the video was shown to authorities. This prompted them to quickly locate the woman and take her dog away. Fortunately, she lost custody of the animal, so it need no longer fear her.

You can watch the video below. Warning: video contains images that may be distressing to some.

We are so happy to hear that they have removed this poor dog from this woman. This person should never be able to own any animal ever again.

Thank goodness for the good people who intervened and rescued this pooch. Please consider sharing this story if you believe that animals should never be treated this way. 


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