Orangutan discovers woman’s burns – shows that animals understand more than we think

Orangutans are highly intelligent animals and can read people almost as well as we understand each other.

It’s incredibly sad that humans have almost wiped out this beautiful and kind animal — if only we could get more people to understand the value of letting oragangutans live in peace in nature!

When the orangutan Rocky, who lives at the Indianapolis Zoo, came into contact with a woman suffering from severe burns, he showed exactly why these animals deserve our greatest respect.


Back in 2015, Darci Miller was in an accident and suffered extremely painful burns.

Over the years, she’s undergone countless operations to help her heal, both on the outside and the inside.

Despite this, Darci’s life has been an emotional rollercoaster, and the trauma associated with the accident has left its mark.

Getting up early in the morning and getting out in the fresh air is a must for Darci, otherwise she could easily stay home and immerse herself into dark thoughts.

One day, Darci and a friend visited the Indiana Zoo.

The zoo contains one of the largest groups of orangutans in the United States. Of course, zoos aren’t ideal places for wild animals to live — but the Indiana Zoo’s orangutan center is an important place for education and research on, and conservation of this endangered animal.


Among the orangutans lives nine-year-old Rocky, who is famous for being able to mimic the human voice, including vowel sounds.

Darci had no idea what to expect that day. But her meeting with Rocky would change her view of life forever.


When Darci was face-to-face with the orangutan, it was obvious how curious Rocky was about the bandage that covered her shoulder and neck

It was here that things took an interesting turn. Rocky started pointing to Darci’s burns, just like a human would do.

At first, Darci hesitated. Could this orangutan really understand that there was something painful under her bandage? But Rocky was stubborn and seemed to really want to see what was under there..’


Darci slowly peeled back her bandage to show Rocky her wounds.

And Rocky’s reaction is proof that animals understand much more than we think!

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