Dog escapes while family is out of town, then FedEx driver makes a special delivery

Catcher, a golden retriever, has learned plenty of new tricks since joining the Menzies family — but one he seems to have adopted all by himself is a disappearing act.

Lisa Menzies wasn’t even in town when Catcher managed to escape from their home in Castle Pines, Colorado.

The family was having some work done on their house while they were away when the contractor left the house. He shut the front door behind him, but while he was gone, a gust of wind blew the door open, and Catcher ran out.


When Lisa heard the news she was devastated, fearing that their beloved dog may venture out onto a busy road.

“She could have wandered out to a busy road and I hate to think what could have happened then,” she told Fox31 News.

But just when she thought all hope was lost she received a text message from her FedEx driver.

Lisa makes sure that constant monitoring will be observed.

“I found your dog,” his message read. “The address on her tag is where I’m going to take her.”

When Lisa and her family returned home, they were able to watch the moment the big-hearted FedEx driver “delivered” their beloved dog thanks to footage from their Ring doorbell camera.

Lisa was overwhelmed seeing how much care he took to return the family’s three-year-old beloved pet.

“He was taking such care and love with her,” she said, adding he even made sure the door was properly closed after him.

I hope Lisa met with this wonderful FedEx driver to thank him in person for saving their dog.

So glad Catcher wasn’t wandering around in the snow for too long.

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