Dog gets nervous when guests visit – until owner builds him amazing bedroom

Poncho, a chihuahua, got nervous and scared when guests came to visit his house – but his owner came up with an ingenious idea which would change both their lives.

Betty McCall noticed Poncho seemed tense when visitors came round, so has shown her love for her precious canine by building him his very own bedroom – complete with a miniature piano, drawer, paintings and a mini bed.

When Betty moved into her new house she saw it as an opportunity to give Poncho his own space, so she got her carpenters to turn the cupboard under the stairs into a bedroom for her beloved pooch.

Previously Poncho had a dog crate for when guests visit, but now he can use the custom-made dog flap to go into his room, where he won’t be disturbed and can relax in peace.

The idea started out as just a room, but after several trips to yard sales and listening to ideas from her sister, Betty added more and more accessories – giving it a personal touch.

This included buying a mini piano, as well as a small set of antlers to hang over the bed, and even a sombrero. 

Poncho is now the envy of thousands of pet dogs, and his bedroom in the cupboard under the stairs is probably the most famous of its type – except perhaps for the one belonging to a certain fictional 11-year-old wizard.

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