Dog Liszka was locked up in a cage – watch her feel grass under her paws again

One of the worst crimes to me is when dogs are confined to cages for hours on end, prevented from being out in the open and enjoying themselves.

Dogs are man’s best friend – and it’s only right that we treat them as well.

For one dog named Liszka, a terrible fate turned to joy when she at last got what every dog deserves – freedom and love.

This story should really be shared further so that more can consider how our fine furry friends should be treated.

Sweet Liszka unfortunately ended up with terrible owners. She was forced to lie in her own excrement in a cramped up cage, without even the ability to move.

Source: Facebook
But luckily, real animal lovers got wind of her horrific conditions.

“She was waiting for death,” a rescuer from the animal shelter OTOZ Animals told the Daily Mail.

Due to her prison like conditions, Liszka had injuries to her legs and was unable to walk. She was also terrified of people and shook in fear when her rescuers at last arrived to rescue her.

The police are now investigating those responsible for treating her in such an inhumane way.

Luckil, the adorable pup is today feeling much better. It’s so fortunate that there are people everywhere who devote their time to save our animal friends.

Watch the wonderful film on Liszka as she feels grass for the first time after escaping from her cramped cage:

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