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Dog Plays Dead So He Can Enjoy The Park A Little Bit Longer.

Have you ever gone to the park with your dog, and suddenly realized it was much later than you thought? Maybe you ended up missing a meeting, canceling a first date, or picking up some take-out for dinner instead cooking from scratch. Well, the fact that you stayed at the park so long wasn’t a coincidence. It turns out our dogs have been manipulating us with their adorable ways this whole time. Don’t believe me? Check out the hilarious video below. The golden retriever in the video gives a master class on how to get us dog owners to stay at the park just a little longer. But first, we’ll show you how it’s done. We found these tips (passed around on the doggie Internet) and thought you should see them. Just be careful that you pooch doesn’t read them!

How To Stay At The Park Longer

Tip 1.

Play dead. This is guaranteed to work. And it doesn’t matter if you move around a little bit. Your owner won’t notice.

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play dead 1

Tip 2.

Make you body go heavy and limp. Your owner will think you really are dead. But don’t worry, he won’t be sad. He’ll just pick you up and give your paws a few shakes.

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play dead 3

Tip 3.

Even when your owner gently pulls you by the lease, resist the urge to give up. Your efforts will soon be rewarded.

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play dead 2

Tip 4.

Here’s where all of your hard work will pay off. Your owner will soon get bored and inevitably grab a stick or ball. This is the time to perk up! When your owner realizes that you’re still alive, he’ll reward you with 15 more minutes of play time. Take that time to play fetch, run, and explore as you like. But if you need more time, now you know how to get a little more time.

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play dead 4

Watch the entire adorable masterclass here:

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