Dog quietly waits on mattress after owners abandon him along with their trash

When I think of the relationship I share with my dog, it never makes sense to me how someone can mistreat or abandon theirs.

The mere thought of my four-legged best friend feeling hurt, scared or lost is enough to put eels in my stomach. The idea of driving away and leaving him without a family? It’s one I won’t even entertain.

Of course, not all people think that way. So was proven when a family prepared to leave their home in favor of another. They packed up all their belongings, but before dumping all the garbage that they no longer wanted on their front lawn. Among that garbage, shockingly, was a pit bull named Boo.

This callous, cruel act naturally led to their neighbors growing concerned. One in particular was so upset that he decided he had no choice but to take action.

He snapped a picture of Boo and posted it to Facebook. As it happened, that changed everything.

When the family in question decided it was time to move, they took everything with them, except what they no longer wanted.

Among their old junk was Boo, alone, heartbroken and hungry. According to one of the neighbors, the former residents of the house even returned to pick up some extra stuff from the junk pile, but totally ignored the dog who had been their pet.

One neighbor in particular watched in horror at what the family did, and knew right away that he had to help Boo find a loving family. Boo needed owners that actually knew how to treat animals the way they deserve.

He took a picture of Boo, laying sadly among the trash, and posted it on Facebook. The photo quickly spread, and was shared by thousands of animal lovers. Eventually, Boo’s photo found its way to a man by the name of Mike Diesel.

Mike wasted no time in getting straight to the point: he was interested in giving Boo the life he deserved. He quickly made his way to the front lawn where Boo had remained, alone and waiting for his family to return for him. Aware the dog was probably heartbroken and insecure, he approached with caution.

His patience paid off, for within a day Boo willingly got into a car with him.

Mike had the patience to win Boo’s confidence, and that allowed Boo to show Mike what a wonderful dog he was. Today, the two are best friends, living happily together. Boo certainly must have felt terrible after being abandoned by his former family, but Mike’s love and care is sure making up for it!

Destiny is a funny old thing!

Watch Mike and Boo together in the video below.

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