Dog receives a gift on his birthday – watch his surprised reaction when he sees what's squealing inside

Dog receives a gift on his birthday – watch his surprised reaction when he sees what’s squealing inside

Personally, I love celebrating my birthday. A whole day dedicated just to me filled with presents and maybe even some singing and cake. Unfortunately, it was my birthday recently, which means I have to wait a little while for the next one…

Although animals do not really understand what it means to have birthdays, I’m pretty sure they still love to be celebrated. When my dog had his birthday, I baked a special dog cake for him with all his favorite goodies.

But that gift pales in comparison with what dog Rhett Barkley in this video got for his birthday.

The family had been thinking about getting a puppy to keep Rhett company — so they figured what better time to present him with the surprise than on his birthday?

They placed the little puppy in a box and brought it to Rhett. He immediately realized that something exciting was happening and began to bark in excitement. He could smell something new in the box and hear little squeals.

In the video below, watch what happens when Rhett meets his new friend for the first time. At first he is a little skeptical — but when they let them out in the yard, you can truly see how excited he is about his new companion.

Over 5 million people have seen the clip, and I really understand why!

What a lovely reaction! The owner of the dogs mentions that the puppy was not actually gift-wrapped, although it may look so in the beginning. It’s open all the time so that air is coming in.

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