Dog tragically goes blind – best friend steps in to guide them on adventures

When beloved pet Hoshi, an American Eskimo dog, went blind, it seemed like it may be a sad ending to his adventurous ways.

He had been suffering from a very painful eye disease which meant vets tragically had to remove both of his eyes.

But six months before his surgery, his family made a decision which would change the rest of his life – and if anything, it meant he could have even more adventures.

They decided to adopt Zen, a Pomeranian. And, despite the owners’ nerves about bringing a new dog into the home, the pair quickly became firm friends – more than friends, in fact.

The owners say the pair have developed a special bond which is even deeper than friendship – with Zen now acting as a guide dog for blind Hoshi, with the pair travelling the world with their owners, hiking, camping and even kayaking.

It seems their like initial worries that they made the wrong decision has been proven wrong – and they couldn’t have been more right.

Watch the pair travelling together in the video below:

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