Dog With A “Puff Ball” Haircut Is Melting Hearts Around The World.

Most of us have a built-in sense of “aww” that kicks in when we see cute animals—and especially fluffy ones. Personally, I can’t help myself when once I have seen fuzzy animals, and I know many of my friends share the same feeling. However, this cute little puppy is beyond adorable…

Meet little Tori, the fluffy puppy that melted thousands of peoples’ hearts online!

Tori 2
bichon_tori (instagram)

Tori is a bichon frise, However this particular doggie is much fluffier than any other bichon frise you’ll ever see in your lifetime.

Tori 3
bichon_tori (instagram)

Her parents gave her an unbelievably adorable haircut. A perfect round furry, fuzzy hairdo that makes little Tori one of the cutest puppies I’ve ever seen.

bichon_tori (instagram)

Bichon Tori, who lives in Daegu, South Korea, has thousands of followers on Instagram.

And I guess everyone can understand the reason why she’s taking over the internet, along with our hearts!

Tori 4
bichon_tori (instagram)

This little baby is literally a ball of fuzzy cuteness.

Tori 5
bichon_tori (instagram)

Her parents obviously love taking new photos of her every day. And getting her new adorable outfits regularly, too.

Tori 6
bichon_tori (instagram)

We can’t wait to see more pictures of this little star on her Instagram account.

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