Drivers get the sight of their lives when they see what’s trying to cross the road

So imagine this. You’re driving along the road, and at a distance, you can see something rather unusual looking starting to ‘cross’ the road.

That’s precisely what drivers in Mason County, Washington experienced last fall… but unlike any other situation, it wasn’t a person, dog, cat, deer, skunk, or duck crossing the road.

And the truth is, you’ll simply never guess what it was.  

The road in question runs along Skokomish River, where excess water typically collects in puddles on the road and surrounding fields.

As the water level rises, more and more water typically gathers along the road… and yes, you can now see where this is going.

As motorists drove along, they were met by none other than a giant salmon (!) trying to cross the road at a distance.

A clip depicting the rather unusal road crossing was posted on YouTube this fall and has since become a massive hit, with over one million views.

Watch the clip below.

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