Ducklings are abandoned by their mother – then the cat mom does the unexpected

Being a mother to toddlers is no easy task, and this applies to both animals and humans.

This mom cat already had her hands full with her little kittens, but was then suddenly joined by a group of ducklings.

What this mother did next is impossible not to be moved by. It shows how strong the maternal instinct really is, regardless of species.

The love of a mother is arguably one of the strongest things on this planet.

The dedication which carrying a baby in your belly for several months requires is unparalleled.

What follows is usually an unconditional love from day one, where the baby receives comfort and affection like no other.

A mother’s love is not only limited to the human race. We see the same type of maternal love in other animals, regardless of whether they’re mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, or arthropods. It’s a cross-species kind of love.

This new cat mom probably knew she was up for a challenge when she gave birth to several kittens. Like any mom, she knew she had to take good care of her babies to make sure they would survive and grow up to become strong cats who are able to stand on their own feet.

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And as if she didn’t have enough on her plate, a group of baby ducks were close by — and also needed a mom. 

The neglected ducklings must have affected the cat mom. Her maternal instincts were soon on full display.

The cat didn’t care that they were ducks, she could clearly sense they were babies and needed love and affection. So she singlehandedly started caring for them.

Watch it all unfold in the clip below.

Moms are the best thing in the world and this cat proves it!  

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