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Duncan had both of his hind legs amputated – now he runs like any other dog

When a boxer named Duncan Lou Who was born, his hind legs were fused in an X shape. They twisted his spine and were 100% unusable. Eventually, they would’ve caused him severe pain, incontinence, and other problems.

And because of this, Duncan’s caretakers decided to have his hind legs amputated. The operation left him looking a little different, but it also helped him tremendously.

Now, the determined pooch can run, walk, and jump almost as well as any four-legged dog anywhere.

Duncan lives in Colorado at Panda Paws Rescue, a rescue, rehabilitation, and hospice center for animals.

The boxer has had a bunch of wheelchairs but he doesn’t like any of them and prefers to go without.

Because of Duncan’s medical history, the staff at Panda Paws want to give him the best possible life under their direct care.

Besides lacking hind legs, Duncan was born with a heart defect that has caused his heart to stop twice. Very few dogs survive a heart attack, but with the help of his caretakers, Duncan has beat two. What a miracle!

Duncan is a real bundle of energy who loves to run around. He gallops on his front legs and balances himself by raising up his rear end. He’s practiced so much that he can even poop without assistance.

Check out how well Duncan gets around on two legs:

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