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Elusive Ghost Shark caught on film for the first time ever

A team of geologists sent a remote-controlled camera 1 1/2 miles (2,000m) below the surface of the ocean off the coasts of Hawaii and California.

They weren’t looking for sharks, but they ended up seeing one rarer than they could imagine.

Luckily, they caught it on camera, and since none of the geologists had ever seen one before, they asked some of their colleagues about what it could be.

And what was this mysterious creature? An exceedingly rare “ghost shark,” or Chimaera, as it is also known. This fish has been around for about 300 million years, or since before the dinosaurs! But even though it’s been swimming the the depths of the ocean for such an incredibly long time, we know very little about this blind fish.

This unique footage is special in two ways: Until this ghost shark was spotted, members if its species had only been found near Australia. And since this is the first time a ghost shark has been filmed, we can finally get a close look at this curious ocean dweller.

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