Everyone Ignores This Dog. Then A Homeless Woman Stops And Sees The Note On His Collar.

Because of some tough circumstances in her life, Lisa Snyder could no longer afford to live in an apartment. The California resident had no other choice but to move into her broken-down van with her three cats.

Lisa and her cats gave each other much needed love, but their lives were strained and they had barely enough to get by. But then one day, Lisa came across an abandoned dog tied to a pole and made a decision that not only gave the dog a new life, it also ended up helping her get her life back, too.


Most people who passed the abandoned dog tied to a pole didn’t give it another thought. They just kept going and let the frightened dog sit there all alone.

But one person who couldn’t pass the dog without acting was Lisa Snyder. She stopped at the dog and saw that it had a piece of paper attached to its neck. She leaned forward and read the message: “My name is Joey. I am looking for a home. Please take care of me!”

Lisa didn’t hesitate for a second. Even though she had it tough and lived in a broken-down van with her three cats, she knew she had to act.

Lisa realized that no one else would help Joey, so she took it upon herself to help him find a new home. She walked almost three miles in the pouring rain to reach a shelter that would take care of Joey.

Four months later, Lisa received the happy news that Joey found a wonderful home, all thanks to the initiative Linda showed that day.

And the story had a happy ending for Linda, too. When Lisa’s community found out what she had done and learned more about her situation, they started a collection for her without Lisa’s knowledge.

They quickly gathered $3,590 and surprised Lisa with it. The money was just what this heroic woman needed to take back her life and get back on her feet.

Learn more about Joey and Linda in this heartwarming video:

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