Woman evicted from her home leaves in a hurry and leaves 2 distressed dogs without food or water

Those who try to make ends meet know how hard it is to live life and provide for your loved ones at the same time. Unfortunately, mistakes happen and can lead to devastating consequences.

In the case of one woman, it meant losing her home. According to I Love My Dog So Much, the California woman left in quite the hurry. She dumped piles of garbage bags of belongings on the curb, only taking the essentials.

But apparently, this didn’t mean taking her two precious pups with her. Of course, her situation must have been hard, but that´s no excuse for abandoning living, breathing being. She left them curbside, in a cage, by the trash.

This is simply horrible. The poor animals must have been terrified, and they were left without food or water.

Facebook / Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue

Thankfully, the dogs were not left out to the elements for too long. A Good Samaritan saw them the next morning, and, alarmed by the sight, contacted Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue.

Rescuers picked up the pups, who were then named Catch and Treasure. But their job wasn’t over. They were both unhealthy in some way. Catch had a cold, and Treasure showed signs of neglect: her fur was so matted that she was in pain.

Facebook / Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue

Luckily, vets are working hard to get them healthy and happy again. Once they are ready and learn to trust the volunteers handling them, they will be ready for their forever homes! Hopefully, they will be adopted by families who will never dream of abandoning them the way they were left on the street. And hopefully, they will be adopted together, as they have bonded and probably won´t be happy if separated.

In many ways, dogs are just like people. They show compassion, happiness, and pain. They feel, both physically and emotionally. Every dog deserves a loving home and a family. Please share if you agree!