Family rushes to maternity ward after childbirth – looks down and can’t believe their eyes

Theresa Slater and her husband already had a big family, but a couple of years ago, they got some amazing news: Theresa was pregnant with her fifth child.

Together with her husband, Theresa decided to do things a bit different this time.

The couple would keep everything around the birth secret, including the gender of the child. You might think this would be a big enough surprise, but soon, Theresa and her hubby found out that they had another surprise for everyone.

It turned out that Theresa was pregnant wasn’t just pregnant… she was having twins!

But her family and friends still had no idea what was going on, and it would stay that way until the big reveal.

The couple planned their surprise long in advance and took all the necessary steps to keep the twins a secret.

“We kept the nursery locked so when people came over they wouldn’t see double,” Theresa, said, and added, “No one ever asked me if I was having twins.”

Theresa’s hubby installed a camera in the maternity ward to capture her relatives and friends’ reactions when they saw the babies for the first time.

And as people started streaming into the hospital room, one by one, they all realized the amazing truth.

Check out all of the wonderful reactions and see the beautiful twins here:

Isn’t it amazing that this couple managed to keep everything secret until the last moment and then shared this glorious video with the world?

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