Family thought their beloved dog was lost in a wildfire — then she appears out of nowhere 

Family thought their beloved dog was lost in a wildfire — then she appears out of nowhere 

Watching the coverage of the California wildfires that are destroying the homes, towns, buildings, forests, and more can be devastating, but amidst the sadness and destruction, there are amazing stories of hope.

In any disaster, while there is so much loss, it is inevitable that strength, willpower to survive, and even a little bit of luck can bring about moments of hope among the tragedy.

The California’s wildfires that burned through, and some that are still burning, devastated nearly everything in their path. Fuelled by high, dry winds, the huge fires quickly consumed dry areas of the state.

With no rain in sight, firefighters worked seemingly endless hours to control the fires and save as much as possible. But despite their efforts, and the efforts of homeowners and citizens themselves, there was still property loss and unfortunate loss of life.


The fires traveled so quickly and unexpectedly that many people were caught unaware when the fires began to bear down on their own homes. People who thought that they were safe were suddenly faced with getting out of their homes as fast as they could, sometimes just barely.

Leaving that quickly meant people had to leave behind things that were incredibly important, just to save their own lives. Sometimes, people were forced to leave a beloved family pet in order to save themselves. Having to make such a decision is unimaginably devastating and I can’t imagine having to make this quick decision.

The Weaver family of Santa Rosa faced that tragedy. When the fires took their home, they were sure that Izzy, their Bernese Mountain Dog, perished in the fire. Jack Weaver and his brother-in-law returned to the home as soon as they could, hoping to find the dog and anything else that could be salvaged. Jack took on this heavy responsibility so that his mother would not have to find Izzy’s body.

Jack recorded their search through the rubble and his extraordinary video captures the exact moment when Izzy appears from the ash and rubble — completely safe and sound.

Somehow, Izzy kept herself safe and the unharmed dog is just as happy to see them as they are to see her.

“It was one of the greatest moments of my life,” Jack said.

See the heartwarming moment for yourself in the video below.

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